What is Parkey?

“Will it be difficult or easy to find a parking spot at my destination?” “ParKey is the key!” What is it? ParKey app informs the users, depending on the time and day of the year, how probable is to find an empty on-street or off-street parking space (conventional vehicle, disabled vehicle, electric vehicle, motorcycles, bicycles) […]

How it works?

Overcoming all limitations of similar cases, ParKey is the 1st app that enables the users to have a clear visualization of the parking demand in large area around their destination!

This is realized through AI techniques (traffic demand, driving behaviour) and GIS oriented optimization solutions using appropriate modelling techniques.

No sensors are needed, no installation / hardware / maintenance is required.

Who is it for?

a) everyone that uses a private car mainly in highly populated urban areas

b) Public Authorities (States, Municipalities, Regions)

c) Scientists & Researchers in Universities & Institutes

d) Companies that are working on traffic including maps

e) Parking private companies

Parkey App can be used in every City worldwide and by every user!

Key Benefits

ParKey contributes to:

  • improve traffic conditions,
  • minimize traffic delays,
  • upgrade urban mobility,
  • improve road safety,
  • reduce the environmental footprint
  • a better quality of life for all citizens
  • help the drivers to save valuable time, money,

Ιt makes parking as easy as possible!

Contact us

If you are a simple user that wants to participate first in our demo version

If you are representative of a Public Authority and want to learn more about our smart parking solutions

If you are a parking provider and you want to be informed first about our news

don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!