ScienTra is an Official Partner of Elevate Greece

ScienTra, is very pleased to be an Official Partner of Elevate Greece, joining a diverse and influential network that supports the growth and expansion of the Greek Innovation Ecosystem.

Elevate Greece is an initiative intended to identify promising startups and support their growth nurturing a robust innovation ecosystem along the way.

Goals of Elevate Greece:

  • Official and reliable registration of start-ups
  • Mapping of the ecosystem that they compose
  • Networking between the companies
  • Business extroversion (bilingual platform)
  • Monitoring their progress in the critical indicators (KPIs) but also the creation of a monitoring system of the entire Greek ecosystem through a special dashboard with metadata analysis
  • Creation of a database for finding specialized-scientific jobs in start-ups
  • Operation of the platform as an attraction for investors
  • Targeted support through various potential measures, in terms of funding from the State and awarding of business prizes.